It’s the passion for perfection and our desire to treat our cutomers the way we’d want to be treated, that is our daily goal.

About Euroquipe

Euroquipe, LLC. was founded on and operates by five core values:
1. Safety 2. Caring 3. Integrity 4. Fun 5. Passion

We feel that adopting these beliefs transfers to customer satisfaction, which is our key goal. Our customers are part of the Euroquipe family. When you hear the name Euroquipe, the first thoughts that comes to mind are Quality and Trust.

Euroquipe was a collaborative vision of Tim Kautz and Brad Schrock, After strong contributions and a solid foundation, Brad moved on to another challenge. Tim continues to steer the company, guided by his passion for perfection and desire to treat customers and employees the way he likes to be treated. It’s a simple philosophy that employs our five core values and underlines every decision made.

Tim Kautz

Tim Kautz Owner

Tim’s passion started at a very early age, in the early to mid 70’s, His father owned and operated an Alfa Romeo dealership. It’s there he was first seduced by the art of Italian design and later, the success of German engineering. He credits his father for teaching him to appreciate the pursuit of perfection and the vision to see the details. Tim went on to be a lead technician in a Bosch Service Center specializing in BMW & Porsche for over twenty years. His quality workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction have earned him a loyal following. Tim co-founded Euroquipe LLC. in 2003 and continues his passion.

When not at work, Tim enjoys mountain biking and racing.


Kent Petersen

Kent PETERSON Service Manager

Like Tim, Kent started his lifelong affair with cars and motorized vehicles at his Dad’s side. Building engines and restoring cars in the garage sparked a fascination with all things mechanical. Kent brings over 30 years of premium European car service to the table, both as a technician and as a service manager. His training with BMW, Porsche, Audi, Land Rover and various motorcycle brands, along with several years spent maintaining racing cars and motorcycles traveling the U.S. and Europe, allows him to draw from a broad background when assessing and repairing your vehicle. His desire to make the cars right and the customers happy while staying within the budget constraints has been a successful formula here at Euroquipe.

With both of his daughters now grown, Kent finds time to enjoy photography, motorcycles, bicycles and motor racing on his days off.


Mark Palmer

Mark Palmer Technician

Mark is celebrating his 10th year with Euroquipe. While Mark can be found working on just about anything in the shop, his passion lies with Porsche. When he’s not pulling a drivetrain out of a 911 or aligning and corner balancing a Cayman, he’s probably at the track with his 911, or instructing for the Porsche Club. Mark has a Masters Degree in Aerospace engineering and worked as an engineer for TRW. He is a retired Air Force trainer on T-37 & T-38 jets and is a Private Pilot Instructor. He has attended Porsche specific and Bosch training.

Mark is never at a loss for things to do, while not at work, he enjoys hockey, Taekwondo, skiing, Scuba diving and of course, some track time in his Porsche.




Darrell started as an Audi technician in 2002. He completed the Audi Academy graduate program and Audi internship in Boston, MA. Upon his return to Illinois, he switched focus to the Volkswagen line. Darrell has worked at the dealer level from 2002 thru 2015 and is a fully certified VW technician.

Time away from work is spent with his family and doing outdoor activities. Hobbies include Motorcycles, mountain & down hill bikes and firearms.


Austin Bicking

Austin Bicking Technician / parts manager

Austin has been with Euroquipe since 2012. Austin’s specialty and passion lies with BMW, a passion he has nurtured from a very young age. He is also well versed in Mercedes, Audi and VW. Austin finds time to oversee the parts department and takes pride in maintaing the shop and inventory.

Austin was enrolled in the automotive program as a freshman in high school. He added to his automotive knowledge at Elgin Community College and Waubonsee Community College, graduating with honors in Specialized Engines, Brakes, Suspension, Transmission, Drivetrain, Engine Performance and Direct Injection Systems. Austin has earned his ASE and Bosch certifications.

In his free time, Austin enjoys working on one of his own BMW’s. He enjoys being outdoors and is always looking forward to the next road trip to go camping and hiking. In the colder months he can be found at the range for a good day of sport shooting.


Linda Schrock

Linda Schrock office / clerical

Linda has been helping in our offices since the business opened in 2003. She performs a multitude of clerical tasks and also supervises general supply ordering and receiving. She also supports the staff whenever we have special events. As the sole female in our male-oriented environment she also ensures that our customer waiting area looks better than your typical shop. The techs occasionally also get to enjoy batches of her chocolate chip and peanut butter cookie production.



For your convenience we offer travel service to & from the Metra station. We also have discounted rental vehicles should your repair take longer than expected.

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